Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A new Zen Unbound

Hey, y'all. Hi, y'all. will soon be dead, but THIS space -- -- will be the new home of Tom Armstrong's Buddhism ranting activities.

Blogmandu will be settling down here as a sub-blog within the greater blog.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new spot, Tom! Looking forward to more, Danny

Unknown said...

Thanks, Chap Danno. It is always especially nice to receive kind words from you.

member DFFC.

dan said...

So now i gotta update my lins :-) i wish a good start!


Unknown said...

Dan [#2], Nice to know Silent Water is making noise again! Well, you know what I mean. I'll update all the blogrolls I can.

Avery said...

Hi Tom, good to know you've got a long-term strategy for your great articles on Zen Unbound.

While I've got your attention, how would I go about getting included in your blog roundup?

Mumon K said...

I have to book-mark that your other site's dead and all that.

Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Thanks, mumon. Tom stuff is acomin'. Soon. Eventually. As I can.