Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Third Stage of Zen Unbound

Welcome to Zen Unbound e-magazine, Mach III.

The plan for this new incarnation of ZU is for it to act as a repository of the old ZU articles [after they've been freshened up, oxygenated, buffed up, toasted and coated with honey], as a place for spiffy new articles to be posted [written by me and other people who are both smarter and better looking than me -- if that's possible] and for it to be the hub for readers of The Buddhoblogosphere meta-blog [ie, Blogmandu, possibly with a name change] and the blog novel Naked Came the Buddhist which WILL WALK AGAIN taking more chapter-length steps toward its stunning, horrifying, mind-boggling and chewy conclusion.

I am also hoping that Buddhists' reviews of books, films, music and Buddhist magazines will be gathered here. AND that the famous Tasty Links will return to prominence as a feature of this mega-multifaceted eblogmagazine. So, hold onto your hats and cushions, y'all, ZU is about to ZOOM!

With this first post, I am adding this blog to my Technorati Profile. Thus, the doors swing open and bloggy-style, Mach III Zen Unbound is ready for business. May I serve you!?

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