Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Third Stage of Zen Unbound

Welcome to Zen Unbound e-magazine, Mach III.

The plan for this new incarnation of ZU is for it to act as a repository of the old ZU articles [after they've been freshened up, oxygenated, buffed up, toasted and coated with honey], as a place for spiffy new articles to be posted [written by me and other people who are both smarter and better looking than me -- if that's possible] and for it to be the hub for readers of The Buddhoblogosphere meta-blog [ie, Blogmandu, possibly with a name change] and the blog novel Naked Came the Buddhist which WILL WALK AGAIN taking more chapter-length steps toward its stunning, horrifying, mind-boggling and chewy conclusion.

I am also hoping that Buddhists' reviews of books, films, music and Buddhist magazines will be gathered here. AND that the famous Tasty Links will return to prominence as a feature of this mega-multifaceted eblogmagazine. So, hold onto your hats and cushions, y'all, ZU is about to ZOOM!

With this first post, I am adding this blog to my Technorati Profile. Thus, the doors swing open and bloggy-style, Mach III Zen Unbound is ready for business. May I serve you!?

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Nicholas Stanosheck said...

…waiting for the zoom…

Unknown said...

Thanks. Zoom is coming.

Tom Clark said...


Caught your posts on free will at, thought you might be interested in the work of the Center for Naturalism, which promotes naturalism as a worldview, including the denial of the soul and its contra-causal free will. Or put more positively, being a completely natural, physical creature at home in the cosmos. I'm on the advisory board of the Center for Pragmatic Buddhism.


Tom Clark