Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Heavens: A theft; there's been a theft!

Just when I thought it was safe to go online ....

Seems that -- my previous haunt before poverty caused me to seek refuge at a free webspace -- has been taken over by alien forces.

On the face of it, that would be fine. I abandoned the registered name; others were made able to seize it and build on it if they paid for the registration.

Seems that a Danish fellow, name of Bruno Dillen, has built on the site, but he misrepresents himself, writing, that his renewed will "continue the tradition of being the gathering point of most interesting buddhist blog posts around the web with this blog. So the faithful followers of Blogmandu will now hopefully find what they’re looking for here."

Sorry, Bruno, but you are not authorized to "renew" the old website and its blogs. Certainly, you can start your own thing, with scents and flavors of your own creation, but you are not being given permission to use "Blogmandu" and otherwise claim a continuation of my work. You're a pilferer is what you are, Bruno. For shame.

I am sorry that you have a creativity deficit, Bruno, but I will forcefully resist your effort to mislead people. People dislike stealers, Bruno, and the way you are doing things guarantees that your efforts will be reviled.

-- Tom Armstrong

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New "Tom" blog

Do to a jihadists-crashing-into-the-Twin-Towers level attack against my life, I am currently VERY VERY limited in my blogging, due to access limitations.

Right now, I am exclusively blogging Homeless Tom, a new blog about my own circumstance and homelessness in central Sacramento. Y'all are welcome to stop by and have a read.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Address for Blogmandu

The posts of Blogmandu have been moved to This is the new site for the venerable Buddhist metablog which is a part of the Zen Unbound empire.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A new Zen Unbound

Hey, y'all. Hi, y'all. will soon be dead, but THIS space -- -- will be the new home of Tom Armstrong's Buddhism ranting activities.

Blogmandu will be settling down here as a sub-blog within the greater blog.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Third Stage of Zen Unbound

Welcome to Zen Unbound e-magazine, Mach III.

The plan for this new incarnation of ZU is for it to act as a repository of the old ZU articles [after they've been freshened up, oxygenated, buffed up, toasted and coated with honey], as a place for spiffy new articles to be posted [written by me and other people who are both smarter and better looking than me -- if that's possible] and for it to be the hub for readers of The Buddhoblogosphere meta-blog [ie, Blogmandu, possibly with a name change] and the blog novel Naked Came the Buddhist which WILL WALK AGAIN taking more chapter-length steps toward its stunning, horrifying, mind-boggling and chewy conclusion.

I am also hoping that Buddhists' reviews of books, films, music and Buddhist magazines will be gathered here. AND that the famous Tasty Links will return to prominence as a feature of this mega-multifaceted eblogmagazine. So, hold onto your hats and cushions, y'all, ZU is about to ZOOM!

With this first post, I am adding this blog to my Technorati Profile. Thus, the doors swing open and bloggy-style, Mach III Zen Unbound is ready for business. May I serve you!?

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